Acts of K9 Kindness

To start it off . . . Adopt a dog or cat from a shelter in January and K-9 Disaster Relief will make a donation to your shelter for the first 25 adoptions ~ TWEET YOUR PHOTO ~ for the #K9ActsOfKindness Tag Board


Animals are a great way to help others . . . here are some ideas to get started:

  • Let a child pet your animal
  • Send us a photo doing something good
  • Give your dog a bath
  • Do something nice for your pet
  • Take your dog for a special walk
  • Visit a hospital
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Walk a neighbors pet that need assistance
  • Buy a pet toy and give it to someone who does good deeds in the community
  • Visit an Animal Shelter
  • Rescue a pet
  • Make a donation to a pet related charity
  • Adopt a shelter pet
  • As your vet if you can volunteer
  • Help pay for some pet medical bills
  • Contact non-profit organizations like the Salvation Army or Red Cross to volunteer with your pet
  • Help and elderly neighbor
  • Visit a veterans hospital
  • Take your pet to a Hospice hospital
  • Do any good deed in honor of a pet
  • Make a drawing, take a pet photo or write a note and give to a special person.
  • Take a photo of your pet doing any Act of Kindness
  • Be an organ donor or donate blood in memory of a person or pet
  • By a gift card a your local pet store and give it to someone who deserves your kind gesture
  • Volunteer at any disaster relief organization in your community
  • Fundraise for a good cause
  • Think of another way


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