K-9 for Kids

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The K-9 For Kids program was established in 2001. Lisa Gallo of Brooklyn, New York lost her brother on 9/11. Lisa came to St. Paul’s Chapel on the last day of the search and rescue. It would then become the recovery of all that perished.The chapel is the closest point to Ground Zero. The fence around the church had thousands of pictures posted by victim families looking for relatives, family, friends and co-workers. Nikie was laying on the sidewalk getting ready to have protective boots put on his paws. Lisa, a teacher at PS 132 in Brooklyn, knelt down and spent personal moments with Nikie. A few weeks later she sent a letter asking if he would come visit her children in the school. It was a wonderful and uplifting day for the children and Nikie. He was invited to public schools in all five boroughs of New York City. Over several months Nikie visited over 4,000 children and the program grew and became recognized throughout the United States.

K-9 for Kids Pin

 Special K-9 for Kids pins were designed and given out to children affected by disasters. There is no membership requirement or cost for children ~ they are asked help others in need and do just one special thing to make the world a better place. Over the past 14 years, thousands of children across the United States and many countries are reaching out to help others. 


 Canine Acts of Kindness for Children in Newtown, Connecticut




December 14, 2017 will be the fifth anniversary of the horrific shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.
K-9 Disaster Relief, through its K-9 for Kids program, went to Newtown to help children, teachers, families and caregivers.


Newtown 12/14/14


The day of the Sandy Hook shootings is referred to by many families as their 12/14. That moment in time is one filled with both quiet moments and emotional grief. A former Sandy Hook Elementary School student launched an annual series of remembrances to honor the 20 children and six educators who were fatally shot. One is the “26 Days of Kindness,” which encourages performing a charitable act in the spirit of each life lost on 12/14.



K-9 Disaster Relief through its “K-9 for Kids” outreach program launched a new initiative inspired by the
“Be Kind ~ Ben’s Bells” project in Newtown, CT


 The Ben’s Bells Organization aims to inspire, educate & motivate each other to realize the impact of international kindness & to empower individuals to act according to that awareness.

#K9ActsOfKindness is the new K-9 Disaster Relief outreach program. It and embraces the mission statement of Bensbells.org