Paw #K9ActsOfKindness

#K9ActsOfKindness is an outreach initiative being launched nationally. This outreach program embraces the “K-9 for Kids” mission to inspire & motivate each other by doing an act of kindness with their animal through pet therapy, helping victims and children, service canines, veteran support, adoption, pet rescue, volunteering or any act which embraces the

So, do a #K9ActsOfKindness. Any good act will do . . . and you can add a photo too!


To start it off . . . Adopt a dog or cat from a shelter in December or January and K-9 Disaster Relief will make a donation to your shelter for the first 25 adoptions ~ TWEET A PHOTO

Here are some ways you can do your kind act.

Paw #K9ActsOfKindness
Do Your Act ~ Paw Me!