K-9 for Kids

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One Act of Kindness 

K-9 for Kids begins on Ground Zero

In 2001, twelve-year-old Michele Kidd organized a grassroots crusade. It encouraged kids across America to demonstrate their gratitude to those on Ground Zero by making handmade heart pins with a ribbon. The story received local newspaper coverage in her Midwestern community. Within days, Michele’s pins with red, white and blue ribbon became a national symbol of unity.


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Michele’s pins became a national symbol of unity
Katie ~ West Virginia

“I was overcome by what had happened on September 11th and wanted to help in some way. These heart pins are a symbol of my love to you, our country and those that lost their lives. Every pin is handmade.  Each is a token of love sent from the hearts of thousands of kids like me . . . all across America. I feel like this tragic time has brought us closer together. Thanks for helping me.”

Michelle Kidd

 Michele with Nikie and Battalion Chief Werner
FDNY Ladder Company 10-10 

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Michele Ladder 10-10

Michele Kidd’s Story

On October 6, 2001, the live search on Ground Zero came to an end. Search would continue, but now for recovery.

Lisa Gallo of Brooklyn, New York lost her brother. Lisa came to St. Paul’s Chapel with a photo of Cono.  The historic Chapel became a gathering place . . . and on this final day of rescue, there may be a chance that someone going on Ground Zero to work would recognize the photo.

Nikie was laying on his side in front of the Chapel. Protective boots were being put on his paws. Lisa, was a teacher at P.S. 132 in Brooklyn. She knelt down and spent personal moments with Nikie. I looked at the photo of Cono. Lisa saw Nikie’s credentials with his name. A few weeks later she sent a letter to “Nikie Ground Zero” asking if he would come visit the children in her school. The visit was a wonderful and uplifting day . . . both for the children and Nikie.

Word spread quickly among New York City school children and teachers. Soon, Nikie was invited to public schools in all five boroughs.  Over several months he visited over 4,000 children and the visits became part of the K-9 for Kids program.

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 Children across America do Acts of Kindness

Special K-9 for Kids pins were designed by K-9 Disaster Relief. Thousands have been given to children affected by disasters, school shootings and traumatic incidents. There is no membership ~ children are encouraged to help others and perform Acts of Kindness.

 Canine Acts of Kindness for Children in Newtown, Connecticut



K-9 Chance ~ Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue
December 2012

December 14, 2017 will be the fifth anniversary of the horrific shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.
K-9 Disaster Relief, through its K-9 for Kids program, continues it’s work to help children, teachers, families and caregivers.



Newtown 12/14/14

St. Rose of Lima Church ~ 2014

The day of the Sandy Hook shootings is referred to by many families as their 12/14. That moment in time is one filled with both quiet moments and emotional grief. A former Sandy Hook Elementary School student launched an annual series of remembrances to honor the 20 children and six educators who were fatally shot. One is the “26 Days of Kindness,” which encourages performing a charitable act in the spirit of each life lost on 12/14.


K-9 Disaster Relief through its “K-9 for Kids” outreach program launched a new initiative inspired by the
“Be Kind ~ Ben’s Bells” project in Newtown, CT


 Like K-9 for Kids, the Ben’s Bells Organization aims to inspire, educate & motivate each other to realize the impact of international kindness & to empower individuals to act according to that awareness.

#K9ActsOfKindness is the new K-9 Disaster Relief outreach program. It and embraces the mission statement of Bensbells.org