K-9 Disaster Relief



A Non-Profit  501 (c) 3 Humanitarian Organization

t’s mission is to help traumatized individuals and children of  disasters and critical incidents through Canine Disaster Relief Services.

Utilizing canines, this is achieved with handlers trained in
Canine Disaster Relief Services
K-9 Disaster Relief provides courses, community outreach, workshops, presentations, research and publications. 


The organization partners and has collaborated with the United States Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Project Liberty, Project Recovery, American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health and Human Services, Salvation Army Disaster Services, National Education Association along with state/county government agencies, emergency management, airlines, industry, corporations, private companies, colleges, schools and local communities. As part of its “K-9 for Kids” outreach program, K-9 Disaster Relief collaborates with the 9/11 Tribute Center, National September 11 Memorial Museum and the Museum’s Education Center for intergenerational audiences. 


K-9 Disaster Relief brings to bear combined resources and expertise
in trauma and crisis intervention to meet the immediate and ongoing psychological needs of individuals in crisis.
Courses ~ Workshops ~ Presentations ~ Outreach ~ Appearances

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