Chance ~ Disaster Relief Canine

K-9 “Chance” at WTX 1 “Freedom Tower”

“Chance” – He was born one year ago on August 27, 2010. He began his training in Texas with Majestic Creme Retrievers in Gainsville. On December 1st flew in seat 31A on American Airlines to Newark, NJ. December 4th started his advance training in the Adirondacks. On February 13, 2011 he was at the Tribute WTC Visitor Center on Ground Zero to help with a presentation on canines and their work after 9/11. On July 13th this photo was taken of Chance in front of the Freedom Tower next to The National September 11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center as part of a documentary for Animal Planet. On his birthday he was swimming in the Adirondacks with his canine friends. Monday, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, he begins his lifelong journey helping others cope with dispare during disasters. He will continue the legacy of Nikie and Buddy. Thank you – Heather Porter of Majestic Creme Retrievers in Texas  for getting Chance off to a good start. His dad, “Ex” and gentle and loving mom “Markeza. His seven brothers and sisters. His friend “Teddy” who taught him to swim.