Human-Animal-Bond ~ Not Just Canines


K-9 Disaster Relief returned to Newtown, CT to provide canine emotional support to children, parents, teachers and caregivers. St. Rose of Lima Church provided therapy and joy for the dogs too . . .



Once a year, the stable in the field behind the Church comes alive in the tradition started by St. Francis of Assisi – the Patron Saint of Animals. This year the “Living Nativity” had live animals to the surprise and delight of the dogs that came to comfort the community. This communal tradition demonstrates the true meaning of the Human-Animal-Bond. Even while doing their service work, dogs need some joy and comfort too.


This morning there were four bells in front of the Church for the second anniversary. The bells of remembrance were rung as each name was read. 

“We remember them for the life and joy they gave to us,” Msgr. Robert Weiss said of the 26 first-graders and teachers who were killed on December 14, 2012. 


About the K-9 Disaster Relief Organization:
 A non-profit humanitarian organization to help traumatized victims and children of disasters and critical incidents through Canine Disaster Relief Services. In addition to providing courses, community outreach, workshops and speaking appearances, the organization is collaborating with the National September 11 Memorial Museum through its innovative programs designed for children, parents and caregivers.