Ground Zero Healing Hands of Comfort ~ Father Brian Jordan ~ Midnight Mass 2001

Midnight Mass 2001

Healing Hands of Comfort ~ Father Brian Jordan 

Father Brian Jordan, Midnight Mass on Ground Zero – December 31, 2001.
On that cold December night, Father Jordan ministered to recovery & construction workers, laborers, volunteers and victim families. The mass was in front of the iron cross that welders had mounted on West Street. The 17-foot high cross-shaped girder came from the World Trade Center’s North Tower. It had special meaning to all on Ground Zero.



CROSS CLOSE UPGround Zero Cross ~ Midnight Mass ~ December 31, 2001
Found by Frank Silecchia ~ September 13, 2001 ~ North WTC

As work progressed on the west side, the cross was relocated in February 2002, to a location on the easterly side near Church Street. This sacred spot overlooked the entire 16-acre site as work progressed for the next five months. Mass and religious ceremonies took place at the cross. It was not uncommon to see people of all faiths and personal beliefs stand by the cross in silent reflection.

MIDNIGHT MASS GZFDNY Bagpipes  play after midnight mass ~ December 31, 2001

This mass on December 31, 2001 took place at a pivotal moment with special significance. For the first time, one could see across the 16-acres south to Liberty Street and up north to St. Paul’s Chapel. While attending the mass, Ground Zero took on an eerie moonscape appearance, barren land and nothing on the surface. Although there was a sense of accomplishment, the next grueling five months entailed the removal of seven stories of the subsurface earth, buildings and remains.

 hqdefaultDisaster Relief Canine ‘Nikie” with firefighter by WTC North Tower 2002
Several stories below West Street
Photo: © 2002 Mark Lenahan – Associated Press

Father Jordan worked tirelessly to provide comfort to the living and bless those that perished. 


The Human-Animal-Bond
Dogs suffer from  grief  ~ both human and animal ~
They benefit from comforting words and healing gestures. 


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~ The World Trade Center Cross ~
Part of the permanent collection on display in the
National September 11 Memorial & Museum


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