K-9 Disaster Relief 

501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization.

Contributions go to K-9 Disaster Relief and the K-9 for Kids outreach programs. K-9 Disaster Relief is able to provide services through volunteers and educational courses . . . and donors like you. 



 Trauma affects us all . . . 

Like in any disaster, you want to help everyone, but soon realize that if you just help one – – that is an achievement. 

Bennie - Hurricane Katrina

Bennie, was rescued, cleaned up and adopted. We placed his photo on the wall in the HSUS call center where their staff worked tirelessly 24/7 to reunite the animals.


To K-9 Disaster Relief, Bennie represents what all our canine disaster relief volunteers do during every disaster. He became a Disaster Relief Canine.  He was adopted by a veterinary student who took one of our courses in
Canine Disaster Relief Services.   

With our canine partners we do make a difference. Our work has never been more important than now. We continue to train volunteers and need your support to continue and provide services.

  Thank You!