For the first time in sixteen years, K-9 Disaster Relief is seeking funding for a long term response. Like Sandy Hook (5th Anniversary on 12/14) K-9 Disaster Relief was there within hours. We will be in Newtown for the December Anniversary. We provided a course in “Canine Disaster Relief Services” in Las Vegas in 2003 for a wonderful canine organization and first responders. We did trainings at LSU, Tampa, San Diego and dozens of states.

At end of each course in CDRS, the predicable question comes up at the end – – “How do we respond?” – – The answer is “local in your community” – – Like Tampa, Dallas, LSU, Las Vegas and others – – the training has produced Canine Disaster Action Teams trained in Trauma Mental Health and Canine Disaster Relief Services.

This academic training and protocol came from my work on Ground Zero. It is recognized by government and NGO agencies and organization. No, we are not “Pet Therapy” – – The services provided by K-9 Disaster Relief is Early Crisis Intervention and Traumatic Stress Counseling.

The canines provides an environment, whereby, victims are in a safe non-judgmental environment to begin that process. Dogs don’t cry – – they give total acceptance and pure unfiltered love.

Why is K-9 Disaster Relief different? We are there for the long haul working in conjunction with local teams and state/local mental health. We are not there for short pet “meet and greet” – – we respond and coordinate to provide services for months and years – – – you don’t get over psychological trauma when losing a loved one – – counseling provides the tools for individuals to cope with a forever changed life. . . trained canines and handlers make this possible.

Our goal is to mitigate immediate traumatic pain and PTSD. Our goal is to provide a pathway to move forward – – not “Get Over It” – – Like 9/11, there is no cure . . . but victims can move on and move forward honoring their loved ones. Our presence helps one victim at a time.