Canine Acts of Kindness for Children in Newtown, CT

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Sunday, December 14th is the second anniversary of the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. K-9 Disaster Relief, a non-profit organization, will be available on Saturday and Sunday to help children, teachers, parents and caregivers.

 According Frank Shane, organization founder and featured in the book 9/11: Stories of Courage, Heroism and Generosity, “A dog can help ease the pain and heartbreak during times of unfathomable grief.” He first came to offer services at St. Rose of Lima Church on 12/14 with his canine partner Chance, who provided much needed love and affection. Shane said, ”Dogs give hope and unconditional love when there are no words.” K-9 Disaster Relief and Shane provided Canine Disaster Relief Services on World Trade Center Ground Zero for ten months.

  Sandy Hook Church


12/14 is a day filled with quiet moments and reflection. K-9 Disaster Relief, through its “K-9 for Kids” community outreach program, will once again reach out to the Newtown children, teachers, parents and caregivers with an act of kindness by providing canine emotional support. Shane explained, “Dogs are able to communicate through their special innate abilities.” He explained, “These caring beings provide trust and form a lasting human-animal-bond.” K-9 Disaster Relief is the only organization teaching courses in Canine Disaster Relief Services. They hope to offer one in the Newtown, CT area. According to Shane, “we need more individuals and their canine partners to be trained in these types of humanitarian services.”


Nikie Pit 

About the K-9 Disaster Relief Organization:
 A non-profit humanitarian organization to help traumatized victims and children of disasters and critical incidents through Canine Disaster Relief Services. In addition to providing courses, community outreach, workshops and speaking appearances, the organization is collaborating with the National September 11 Memorial Museum through its innovative programs designed for children, parents and caregivers.


Frank Shane at 9/11 Memorial with Chance

About Frank T. Shane: A pioneer in the field of Canine Disaster Relief Services. He is the founder and CEO of K-9 Disaster Relief, a non-profit humanitarian organization. A board certified trauma specialist and Diplomat and Fellow of the Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, he teaches courses nationally in Canine Disaster Relief Services, The Human-Animal-Bond and the Psychology and Behavior of Dogs. He is available for courses, outreach programs, and personal appearances.


Frank T. Shane 973-563-1291