K-9 Disaster Relief is a Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization. It's mission is to "help traumatized victims of a disaster through canine crisis intervention ."

Utilizing canines, this is achieved with handlers trained in Canine Disaster Relief Services. K-9 Disaster Relief provides courses, workshops, presentations and speaker appearances.

It has partnered and collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Project Liberty, Project Recovery, American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health and Human Services, Salvation Army Disaster Services, state/county government agencies, airlines, military, industry, private companies and local communities. 

K-9 Disaster Relief brings to bear combined resources and expertise in trauma and crisis intervention to meet the immediate and ongoing psychological needs of victims in crisis. 


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Ground Zero WTC North Tower ~ K-9 Disaster Relief
Photo:Associated Press 

The Human Animal Bond  -   "There  is a special spot in everyone's heart that a dog touches in times of loss and dispare . . . that special animal brings victims of a disaster affection, love, safety, dignity  and most of all . . . hope. A dog can do more in a minute than a human can do in a lifetime. "  

Frank Shane
NBC Nightly News 
The Human Animal Bond

K-9 Disaster Relief
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